Warranty Downloads


Through the website https://artandscores.com the following are sold to the public Musical scores of the composer Jose Manuel Jimenez Sánchez, for several music instruments: Band, Orchestra, Guitar, Piano, String, Voice (Choir, Singer), Wind (Brass, Woodwin).
All these products are sold exclusively through the website https://artandscores.com, both nationally (Spain) and internationally (European Economic Area and all other foreign countries), shipping worldwide.
Therefore, https://artandscores.com is not responsible for the sale of these products by distributors, who also purchased these through the web.


The acquisition of any of the above products is done through https://artandscores.com via accessing the section “Downloads”, where one can choose from among these products. It is not necessary to have a user account in the website for the purchase process.
The recipient may “Purchase” each of these by clicking on “Download button”, then proceed to “Add to cart” and “Checkout cart”, and then fill in the billing and “ordering” data.


Payment of the products described may be made by debit or credit card, through the Paypal Platform. This form of payment is completely safe for the client since https://artandscores.com does not know the means of payment used into the transaction, it simply receives confirmation of the same by PayPal to proceed to the shipment of the order. Payment through these means will take place through the option “Purchase” provided in the “Checkout cart”.


Prices, shipping costs and ordering.

The prices of each of the products are expressly detailed on the website.
The prices that appear on the website do include taxes, and the price is known by the recipient when completing the purchase of the product through the website, in the cases in which they reside in Spain or in another European Community country. However, in case the products are purchased from countries other than those mentioned, the price is the one that appears on the web, to which the shipping costs will have to be added, if case.

Thus, the cost of shipping is included in the price. There are no shipping costs because the nature of the product is digital download.

Both the above amounts and the conditions of sale on the website are purely informative and may be subject to change in response to changes in tax regulations or simply market fluctuations. However, the execution of the order through the purchase process described implies consent with the price offered and the general conditions of sale in force at that time.

Once the order has been placed it will be understood that the purchase is made in full, with all the legal guarantees that cover the purchaser and, from that moment, the prices and conditions will be contractual and cannot be modified without the express agreement of both parties. The products will be sent by electronic mail, being also subject to the aforementioned contractual conditions.


Depending on the verification process of the external platform Paypal, artandscores inmediatly send a confirmation email with the links of the score: pdf and midi. Then the recipient can proceed to direct download such files.
In addition, if the client requests by mail, artandscores will provide another format of the score as mp3, full video (such as the one on our website), completely free.


In accordance with current legislation, the products can be returned within 14 calendar days from receipt of the confirmation email by the recipient. The client acknowledges that if he downloads these files within fourteen days of receiving the confirmation email, he will no longer be eligible to cancel this purchase. https://artandscores.com reserves the right to refuse the return in the event of any anomaly in the returned product.
These conditions do not void the warranty or exchange of defective products, or other,
force majeure circumstance. https://artandscores.com will find the best solution for that.


As for the Guarantee of the products, the provisions in the Spanish Law that govern this aspect will be applied.
https://artandscores.com will be in charge of the shipping costs generated by the processing of the guarantee of the product in those cases where it is assumed that the lack of conformity exists in the purchased property. It should always be done following the instructions indicated by https://artandscores.com upon acceptance.

The recipient can process the guarantee throught the Contact Form located at https://artandscores.com.

Settlement of Litigation.

Resolution of online litigation in consumer matters shall be according to Art. 14.1 of Regulation (EU) 524/2013: The European Commission facilitates an online litigation resolution platform available at the following link: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/.