America – Bernstein

America - Leonard Bernstein | artandscores.com

America – Lyrics from West Side Story musical BroadwayLeonard Bernstein. Download Pdf and midi files: Pdf Audio midis Tutti midi Soprano Alto Tenor Bass +1 Tweet Share | artandscores.com

An die Musik – Schubert

An die musik - Franz Schubert | artandscores.com

An die Musik for choir SATB – Franz Schubert arr. Paul Stetsenko. Download midi files: Audio midis Tutti midi Soprano Alto1 midi Alto2 midi Tenor mid Bass midi +1 Tweet Share Pin | artandscores.com

I ‘ ll fight you – Emma Jimenez

I´ll fight you emma - Emma Jimenez Peralta | artandscores.com

I´ll fight you for voice and piano – Emma Jimenez Peralta. Own composition with her voice and piano join this piece and telling what´s on her mind, with her words and own feelings. You can hear this beautiful and softly song completely free. Let yourself be carried away by this lovely voice the harmony of this composition. Audio youtube mp3 +1 Tweet Share Pin | For more original audios visit https://artandscores.com