Locuras – Silvio Rodriguez & Liliana Cangiano for choir

Locuras – Silvio Rodriguez

Locuras – Silvio Rodriguez & Liliana Cangiano. Best choir music – artandscores

“Locuras” Silvio Rodriguez & Liliana Cangiano. Hay locuras para la esperanza. Hay locuras que son poesia. Pop Rock Latino con lyrics. Almost Free download music piano midis

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2 thoughts on “Locuras – Silvio Rodriguez & Liliana Cangiano for choir”

    • We have our own performances with purpose of help choral singers to learn their part by themselves.

      Our midis performances for this are tutti and parts:

      a) midi-tutti : full of parts

      b) midi-solo : about compas 37 there is a solo of soprano

      c) midi-soprano : soprano part = soprano line

      d) midi-alto : contralto part = contralto line

      e) midi-tenor : tenor part = tenor line

      f) midi-bass : bass part = bass line.


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