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OPERA MUSICA is the first fully social networking platform devoted to the world of opera and classical music.

The site www.operamusica.com is a dedicated space:

  • allowing all professional artists (opera singers, instrumentalists, conductors, directors) to promote their activities, increase their visibility, and be contacted;
  • to thousands of new talents to be identified;
  • where all opera houses, theaters, festivals and concert venues from around the world can promote their events and sell tickets;
  • also where all the classical music and opera lovers can quickly access all the news of the sector and know all the shows near their home and around the world;
  • where everyone can follow and contact all professionals without having to search everywhere on the internet and to move from site to site.

Single space dedicated to artists

> WITH OPERA MUSICA, everything is quickly available on a single dedicated area where everything is connected!

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Numbers: artists, companies, audios, videos, audience

Launched on January 27, 2016, the OPERA MUSICA site already brings together:

  • 40 000 professional artists including the biggest stars of the world circuit.
  • 4 000 companies of shows around the world 4000 companies of shows around the world.
  • More than 37 000 videos,accessible through a multi-criteria video channel entirely dedicated to opera and classical music, linked to the profile of each artist.
  • 58 000 audio recordings bringing together not only the content downloaded by the artists but also all Spotify playlists and albums (including 31,500 albums)
  • All the artistic agencies of the world and for each, in addition to the contact information, the list of all their represented artists.
  • All press articles from specialty magazines around the world, published daily on our newswire.
  • More than 103 000 unique users in August, with a further doubling of its traffic in a month. https://www.similarweb.com/website/operamusica.com#overview

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In just over a year and a half OPERA MUSICA is already the biggest database of the current classical world. Having succeeded in convincing a large part of the most important professionals of the sector to use its services as well as thousands of enthusiasts of follow and wait with great impatience and curiosity the continuation of its development !

Therefore with OPERA MUSICA, we are convinced that we are working through our efforts to develop a solution that will greatly improve the dissemination of such an essential part of our heritage. Thus responding in an absolutely relevant and vital way to theurgency of its adaptation to the problems of the current world !


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Dear friends

« Dear friends artists, professionals and fans of classical and opera music from around the world, I ask for your attention a few seconds !

The OPERA MUSICA site is a free-of-use platform, entirely devoted to the world of opera and classical music, created by baritone Mathieu Abelli. It allows all artists (opera singers, instrumentalists, conductors, directors), artistic agencies, theaters, show venues and opera houses, as well as love of opera and classical music to meet, exchange and share. It facilitates the promotion and discovery of talents, encounters, and many other things.

Donations campaign

This call for donations campaign should allow this great initiative to continue, so that the magnificent work begun can be continued and can continue to serve the thousands of professionals and enthusiasts who find there, and will find a real answer tomorrow to their needs.

I know that each of us has his own personal, professional and financial difficulties. But whatever may be our situation, whether we are professionals or mere enthusiasts, it may happen that we will some day need this kind of solidarity. So if you can, take part in the adventure! Make a donation so that building this wonderful project at the service of music and musicians does not collapse in full swing !

Discovering artists and sharing about them

I invite all of you to visit this site to listen to and discover thousands of artists, to follow their daily news, to find information about current and future shows, and furthermore to realize the magnitude of the already accomplished.

You can also enormously help them by SHARING and publishing about them. Any help will be welcome! I also invite my colleagues and friends, and all the personalities of the profession, to take over and support OPERA MUSICA !

The address of the site here: https://www.operamusica.com
Like the Facebook page Opera Musica: https://www.facebook.com/operamusica
Follow their Twitter account: https://twitter.com/operamusica

Thank you, for them, and for us! ”

Roberto Alagna

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